Producing Indie entertainment and education.

Film Production

  • Producing
  • Screenwriting
  • Assistant Director

Training & Workshops

  • Producing: Panel Speaker and Workshops available.
  • Screenwriting: Panel Speaker and Workshops available.
  • Assistant Director: Panel Speaker and Workshops available.
  • Production Assistant (PA): Focuses on offering training to entry level creatives, Veterans and the underserved.
  • Internship: Open to High school age youth to young adults. PA training is required.* Program length is a case by case determination.
  • Apprenticeship: Available for those that have graduated from our Internship Program or applicants that meet the program requirements.


  • Consultation: Fees are project based.*
  • Project Consulting: This option is best served for a customer that requires consulting for a single project. Fees are project based.*
  • Business & Individual Consulting: If you have monthly or regular consulting needs then this is your best choice. Fees are project based.* Retainer options available.

What Else is Under the Umbrella

  • Mock Media
    Mock Media
    Productions with gritty content not on brand with Purposed Productions. "Not your granny's screenplay."
  • POWM
    Customized Cards and Philanthropy - "Plugging in to the CommUNITY on Purpose."
  • Hollywood Prayer Network
    Hollywood Prayer Network
    Nonprofit 501(c)3 organization seeking to build a bridge between the Church and Hollywood through prayer.
Jana M. Gamble